The meaning behind “B Positive Films” is derived from a play on words. The term “B Positive” refers to the blood type known as B-positive, which is a symbol of optimism, positivity, and resilience. By incorporating this into the name of the film production company, B Positive Films conveys its commitment to creating uplifting, inspiring, and impactful movies that resonate with audiences. The name reflects the company’s ethos of harnessing the power of storytelling to evoke positive emotions, promote meaningful messages, and contribute to the art of cinema.

B Positive Films, established in 2010, is an independent film production company committed to crafting captivating and unique narratives that captivate global audiences. From concept development to post-production and theatrical release, our founder’s unwavering dedication to storytelling and filmmaking converge to produce films that leave a lasting impact.

Our primary focus is on producing high-quality films within the constraints of an independent budget, allocating resources where they matter most: on the screen. Through close collaboration with a diverse array of industry professionals spanning from New York to Los Angeles, we actively foster enduring relationships with producers, directors, writers, cast, crew, and investors. By harnessing our collective strengths, we create entertaining films that are destined to become timeless classics.

We are thrilled to unveil our new lineup of feature film projects encompassing a wide range of genres, including thrilling suspense, gripping dramas, and heartwarming family films. At B Positive Films, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, adopting innovative approaches, and breathing life into original, dynamic stories that cater to an ever-expanding marketplace.