Since its inception in 2010, B Positive Films is an independent film production company committed to creating original and compelling stories that entertain and engage worldwide audiences.

From treatment through post-production and finally to the big screen. The founder’s passions for storytelling and filmmaking, join together to produce films with lasting impact. Mostly the importance of making quality films on an independent budget, that focus costs where it counts most, on the screen.

With the emphasis on collaboration of a wide variety of industry professionals from New York to Los Angeles. Striving to build long lasting relationships with producers, directors, writers, cast, crew and investors. Pooling their strengths together to create entertaining films that are destine to become classics.

We are excited to introduce a new slate of feature film projects from thrillers, dramas, and family films.

B Positive Films is dedicated to creating films in exciting new ways and to bring new and original dynamic stories to life for a growing marketplace.